Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Lirik Lagu My Addiction - Anggun

oh no here we go
another itch i want to scratch
though now i should know
there’s a flaw and there’s a catch

but maybe just one time
it can’t hurt i can try
and i’ve made up my mind
with a goodbye

oh no i should go
it’s not too late i’m not attached
once more i should know
i can’t let go i’ll miss you much

but maybe one last time
i know it’s a lie
should we give you and i
another try

your love is my addiction
the pleasure and pain bring me back to you
our love is my addiction
one touch and here i am back with you

oh no not again
another round another heartache
and now i pretend
i know too much to make mistakes

this will be the last time
i wake up in your arms
there won’t be one last try
of you and i

repeat reff

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