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Examples in writing for ielts.

Here are the sample for question and answer for ielts class when I take a course in Parè East Java.

Some people say that science lesson should be mandatory in school, while other argue that they are unnecessary. Discuss both of views and give your own opinion.

Some people argue that science subject must be taught in school. On the other hand other people say it is unimportant. Two arguments will be drawn below.

Most people argue that science subject must be taught in school because students will face natural phenomenon that happen in their life. Furthermore, they cannot allow to run away from their real life. Those subjects include chemistry, biology, physics and maths. In chemistry, students will know why they must use different washer or soap with different objects can be cleaned. For example face wash must be softly base, compound change lacmus paper into blue, than soap use for kitchen utensils. In biology, they will control their nutrition when eat something. They can decide food which have rich nutrition such as protein, carbohydrates, lipid vitamin so on. Besides, math is the most  important lesson or subject that student must be taken. They can calculate all of their spending a day, amount of price of their bag or trolley. Moreover, they will know reason that a ball kicked by David Beckham will make a parabola trace and then fall into earth affected by earth gravitation. Finally, science must be taught in school because student can face their science world.

In the other hand, several people disagree if science subject taken by students because of the syllabus of its subject. Most science lesson may press students to understand a lesson clearly unless they are not give attention to subject. Moreover students should learn the material higher than their capabilities. In some cases, they cannot improve their creativity about real life because their time is not available anymore. Some lessons in chemistry and physics sometimes far from their life. For example, kinetics force and law of thermodynamic, include temperature law, is one of physical chemistry that must be taken by students during the class. Furthermore, integral and differential limit are some of mathematics subject material that cannot be applied in real life. In line with other subjects, biology also force student in some concept. For example memorize the kind of enzymes and function of lymph. As conclusion, subjects in science force student to forget their creativity.

The view of necessarily of science taken in school can be accepted as their real life needed. However, by overlooking the disagree of science subject we can claim that student can be stressed when face inapplicable science subject.

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