Minggu, 21 Agustus 2016

Should Indonesia's Government Make Policy about Cigarette Price?

It's become viral in Indonesia. Smoker refused it's policy while other agree it. It can be a problem. Government must create a just decision about cigarette price. It must higher than today.

Today cigarette price in our country is one of the cheapest than others. The smoker also increase rapidly correlate with bad culture of Indonesia "The non smoker is not a gentleman". How dare you face cigarette effect?

My father one of them. He always make me annoying with smoke he gave. It's made me cough. I hate smoker, were he want to buy a cigarette I anger. I know as a passive smoker more dangerous than smoker itself.

I think government stop their subsidy in cigarette industry. They should move this fund into education and economic development. It more valuable than give a disease to their people. However in my opinion they will be difficult to face bad reaction. It's good for our home.

Be healthy guys. We must pay more expensive for our health.

My friends are smoker, too. No matter they are men or women. Smoker is known to make they happier when hangout and spend their unimportant time.

I'm sorry if I really hate you smoker. It caused by bad effects happened later.

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